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Agenda at InnoMATIK 2022

September 21, 2022

In-house fair

At TIS GmbH (Müller-Armack-Straße 8, 46397 Bocholt)

11:30 am Get Together and start of exhibition
12:30 pm Beginning of presentations
5:00 pm End of presentations and end of exhibition

Strategy and development of TIS GmbH

Markus Vinke

Warehouse processes in TISLOG

Bernd Schmitz & Fabian Bielefeld

Innovative technologies for transport and logistics


TISPLUS - Value Added Accessories

Peter Hochwald & Matthias Unland


Gebrüder Weiss & Christian Linke

Autodispo - Tour optimization for short-distance traffic

Tim Renzel

Infodesk 5.0 - the next generation of our web frontend

Fabian Bielefeld & Bastian Wehrmann

Paperless working with TISLOG

Camion Transport & Tobias Enge

Infoports as interface to external partners

OTLG & Sandra Tonn

Loading equipment management with TISLOG

Berthold Klump & Sandra Tonn

TISLOG fleet management

Oliver Krahmer

Advantages of manual map adjustments

Maptrip by infoware

Evening event

At Restaurant Filetgran (Casinowall 19, 46399 Bocholt) at 6:00 pm


Markus Vinke

Short welcoming speech

Thomas Kerkhoff

Future show about digitization

Frank Astor

Dinner & Music


Agenda of the workshops at InnoMATIK 2022

September 22, 2022

Fleet management

Oliver Krahmer & Tim Renzel


Mike Ahlmann & Bastian Wehrmann


Fabian Bielefeld & Carsten Dünne

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